Tahoe In Ten

The funny thing is, I found Lake Tahoe “by accident.” I was supposed to take a right to the Squaw Valley ski resort, but instead took a left. Damn that roundabout.

But this is a story of silver linings: Lake Tahoe is one of those geological jewels the you are always happy to find when you find it. I could tarry, there was a schedule to keep, but here are ten pictures I snapped off when the beauty got to be so much that I stopped the car and took in the view (and then turned around):

Lake Tahoe: The last time I saw this shade of blue, I was in the tropics.
Ok. Now I see what all the fuss is about. Lesson learned. And JESUS.
Really. Blue. Water.
No filter, swear to god. Lake Tahoe really does look this good.
The usual “Tahoe shot” is a panorama over the lake. But the shore is worth a the limelight, too.
Lake Tahoe: I’m a fan!
I was pretty much stuck to the east shore of Lake Tahoe. Not that I am complaining.
I was lucky: In the same hour I managed to get the lake at first placid, and then rough when the wind picked up.
Formed two million years ago, Lake Tahoe had plenty of time to smooth its shores.
This Tahoe pic is actually taken from High Camp at the Squaw Valley ski resort. Still pretty blue…