Tahoe in Ten

The funny thing is, I found Lake Tahoe “by accident.” I was supposed to be heading to Squaw Valley, about 11 miles from the lake. But damn that roundabout where I ended up taking a left rather than the right. I found myself on the eastern shores of Tahoe.

But this is a story of silver linings: Lake Tahoe is one of those geological jewels you are always happy to find. I couldn’t tarry, there was a schedule to keep, but here are 10 pics I managed to snap off before turning the car around:

The last time I saw water this blue, I was in the tropics.
I think I am beginning to see what all the the fuss over this lake is about…
Really. Blue. Water.
At two million years old, Lake Tahoe had plenty of time to pound its shores smooth.
What I remember the most was how damn clear the the air was.
Yeah, that is the life.
The usual “Tahoe pic” is a panorama, but shoreline closeups are cool, too.
I saw two different souls of Lake Tahoe in the hour I was there: first placid, and then rough when the wind picked up.
OK, so I used a filter on this one. It was a great vista, but the original was a bit overexposed. Thanks, Instagram!
Made it to Squaw Valley in time! And from High Camp you can still see Lake Tahoe and all its azure goodness.














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