To the Fair! 10 Scenes of a NYC Street Fest

They pop up like mini-malls: New York City summer street fairs. Ten-block swathes of Big Apple streets and avenues are cordoned off and lined with a dizzying array of kiosks selling a even more dizzying array of…well, just about everything. Food? Check. Asian bric-a-brac? Check-check. T-shirts with electronic displays that sync with sounds? Checkity-check–and great for clubbing. Here are a few pics I snapped of a biggie in Manhattan:

I always did love balls.
If you need a knick-knack, a street fair is the place to go. Particularly if you have a thing for Asia.
Street fairs are decidedly “down-market,” but the food is spectacular, and pennies on the dollar. Be prepared for a lot of barbecue, BTW.
For this fair, a 10-block stretch of 9th Avenue was cordoned off to car traffic. People come out in droves, if only to be looky-loos.
Watermelon: The true sign of summer!
Who says France and Germany don’t work well together?
Candy-covered marshmallows. NOMNOMNOM…
A street fair is NYC in a microcosm: These are arepas, a cornbread and cheese staple from Colombia, one of the many ethnic groups that make the city so colorful. And delicious.
Who needs a restaurant? You can have a full meal at a street fair.
This is outside the iconic Poseidon Bakery. If it’s Greek, they’ve got it. And I have never found a people with a bigger sweet tooth. I mean, sheesh…
























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