10 Photos Proving Welsh Food Rocks

It is a dual achievement: The British Empire was the empire upon which the sun never set, and which never came across a cuisine it could not destroy entirely.

The halls of Westminster Abbey? I’m there! The… “proportions” of the Giant of Cerne Abbas? I will gladly make the trek! The non-stop nightlife of London’s club scene? But of course! The menu?


But it seems that Wales, that oft-overlooked corner of the kingdom, seems to have got its head around the fact that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And here is proof:

Chargrilled Welsh sirloin, vine tomatoes, field mushroom and homemade chips (fries). At the Y Talbot in Tregaron.
Riverside Chicken baked in mature cheddar cheese, courtesy of The Colliers in Pontrhydyfen.
Chicken and mushrooms (and sooooo much more) at the Y Talbot.
Roast Celtic Pride sirloin of beef waaaaay up top the Grape & Olive in Swansea.
Soup of the day (cheese!) at the Y Talbot.
A good stew easily shakes off even a Welsh winter. Thank you, Morgans Hotel!
Even the hors d’oeuvres kick butt at the Grape & Olive.
Carnivores will find a haven at the Meating Place in Cardiff.
A take on Shepherd’s Pie at the Browns Hotel in Laugharne.
OK, this technically isn’t an eatery, but still a member of the club: I’m at the Swansea Indoor Market, where the food is right off the boat. Waa-waaaah.



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